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Why Samriddhi Steel Bars?

x-ribbed bar


The Rib Pattern and the bonding strength of the TMT steel bars with the concrete is an important factor that needs to be considered for a good bonding of the TMT bars with cement. Samriddhi Steels introduces unique X- Ribbed pattern TMT steel bars which provide a better grip to bond with cement for better quality constructions.

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Quality & Standards

  • ISO 9001 - 2015 Certified
  • 3 Stage Billet Testing Procedure
  • 24 Hours Bars Testing
  • Verifies quality of bars before dispatch with RSL Test Certificate

World Class Production & Facilities

  • Cutting and bending facilty for managing on-site space issues
  • Cut to length bars of odd lengths for saving on site wastages
  • Independent Weighbridge of 60 metric tons capacity
  • Fully equipped in-house workshop extensive storage yards facilitated by overhead cranes for loading.

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